Tim Henkel and Ira Cohen

Miami Commercial Litigation Attorneys
in a Florida Business Litigation Law Firm

Henkel & Cohen, P.A. is a business litigation law firm in Miami whose partners each have over 30 years of business litigation experience and served as Federal judicial clerks. The firm concentrates its trial, appellate, and litigation practice in Florida state and Federal courts and in AAA, Florida, and international arbitrations on matters of general commercial and complex business disputes. Henkel & Cohen represents clients in all phases of business disputes including pre-lawsuit planning, pre-trial litigation, motion practice and discovery, at trial, on appeal, and in post-judgment collection proceedings. Ever mindful of the expense of litigation, Tim Henkel and Ira Cohen aspire to implement practical, cost effective strategies designed to achieve client goals. The firm’s rate for new clients is $385 per hour.

Contracts and Business Transactions

Henkel & Cohen represents clients in vast array of business transactions and regularly drafts, advises on, and negotiates contracts for various business deals and to document commercial relationships.

Intellectual Property, Trademarks

Henkel & Cohen enforces Intellectual Property rights including in the fields of trademark, infringement, pirating, and copyright.

PACA and Produce Marketing Law

Henkel & Cohen provides legal advice to and representation of the produce industry, including on issues involving the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (“PACA”), in administrative reparation proceedings before the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and enforcement of PACA Trust rights in Federal Court.

Law as a Service Profession and Legal Representation as a Privilege

As a boutique firm concentrating its practice in specific fields of law and serving a select clientele, it is never forgotten by the attorneys at Henkel & Cohen that law is a service profession and that a person or company represented by the firm is not a file number; they are the client, the most important part of any law practice. Henkel & Cohen welcomes all client inquiries and respects all client relationships with existing counsel in referred matters.

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