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At Henkel & Cohen, P.A., We Speak English and Spanish, Legalese, and Most Importantly, Your Language – The Language of Business Law

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En Henkel y Cohen, PA, Hablamos Inglés, Aspectos Legales, y El Lenguaje de Los Negocios

Reportes Annuales al estado de Florida
Asuntos comerciales
Contratos comerciales
Derechos de autores, patentes, marcas de servicio, marcas, secretos comerciales
Sociedad y entidad de formación y trámites
Hacer negocios en la Florida
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Astuntos de franquicia y disputas
Asuntos de inmigración y visados
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Cuestiones de Accionistas y disputas
Aspectos fiscales

By: Ira Cohen, Esquire, Partner, Henkel & Cohen, P.A., Miami


Florida, in general, and Miami, in particular, have a well-deserved reputation as the “gateway to the Americas.” Business people and investors alike, from diverse countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela, flock here to make their marks, their reputations, and their fortunes.

They cannot achieve success alone. They need a legal team to help deal with the complexities and requirements of modern business. At Henkel & Cohen, P.A., we speak English and Spanish. Of course, we know “legalese” (lawyer and judicial jargon) too. More importantly, perhaps, we speak your language; namely, the language of business.

Where does one start to build an American business or commercial venture? What federal laws come into play? What Florida statutes or regulations govern? Which county or local laws apply? Starting, or continuing the operation of, a business here can take the owners and managers on a rough and tumble ride through a maze of agencies, bureaus, cities, counties, departments, states, and third-parties. If you are going to be a business pioneer, and survive, you will need a knowledgeable and reliable and capable legal guide and partner to “ride shotgun” with you on the journey.

Your form of business entity (i.e., corporation, limited liability company [LLC], limited partnership, or otherwise) will need to be carefully selected after consideration of all the different, and sometimes inconsistent, advantages and costs of the many types of business entities available for use in the U.S. and in Florida. Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, or similar formation documents will have to be prepared and filed. Bylaws (for corporations), or an Operating Agreement (for LLCs), Directors’ Meeting Minutes, Shareholder’s Meeting Minutes, Resolutions, and other documents will be needed both initially and over the life of the entity. A Florida registered agent will have to be selected and designated; only a Florida resident (individual or entity) can serve in that capacity and often Florida counsel is used.

You will need to hire employees, retain an accountant, engage an attorney, and, depending upon the nature of your business, hire other consultants. A business office or factory may have to be leased, or perhaps you wish to purchase real estate (with an existing facility or without a building, for improvement). In some cases, clients will have special logistics, storage, and/or warehouse requirements. A Customs Broker may be needed. Papers need to be filed with the IRS in order to secure a FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number), bank accounts will need to be opened, and appropriate tax planning done. Florida corporate income tax and Federal income tax returns will fall due. Sales tax issues must be dealt with, as applicable.

As if it was not hard enough to start and/or run a business in Florida, and succeed at it, you may not have the background, time, or inclination to take legal matters into your own hands rather than focusing your efforts on running your business. That is where having a trusted legal advisor in Florida may be a sound investment. You may also have questions about business transactions, contracts, commercial leases, business immigration options, tax concerns, and sundry other matters of interest or concern to you. You will need an attorney to represent and advise you on the legal aspects of your business, protect your interests in business controversies and disputes, be your advocate in business arbitrations and commercial litigation, and handle real estate deals.

Leave the business to the business people, and leave the law to the lawyers. We can help you and your business, and protect you and your business, drawing upon our professional experience, knowledge, and skills. Please visit our website ( and review our qualifications and the types of services we provide, as well as read business-related articles we post from time to time. Whether you require preparation and negotiation of an Agency Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, Employment Agreement, Non-Competition Agreement, Franchise Agreement, License Agreement, Non-Circumvention Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Royalties Agreement, or Shareholders Agreement, we can provide this service promptly and cost-effectively. We also understand the meaning of proportionality and afford due regard to the economics of every situation. We believe that a costs-benefits analysis is an important part of any legal representation.

Henkel & Cohen is available to provide representation when you were not paid for goods or services, or were the victim of fraud and misrepresentation; whether you need to seek a business license or permit; or whether you are seeking to acquire, or to sell, a business, or to buy equipment, machinery, or other assets. You may have questions about insurance coverages, exposure, or liability, or related issues on business topics, on which we can help. Maybe you have questions about your proprietary designs, or copyright protection for your Internet Website, or wish to protect your hard work and investment from pirating by competitors. Legal counsel can help shield your intellectual property from theft or infringement. Whether you seek to protect your brand, name, mark, trade name, service mark, copyright, or patent, or need to act quickly to stop an infringer, pirate, corporate spy, or a third-party engaging in unfair competition, we are here to serve you. You will need to know your rights under U.S. Intellectual Property Law and how to protect your trade name, website, trade secrets, and advertising, distribution, marketing, and promotional materials.

In the event that you have a type of matter or dispute that we cannot personally help you with, or which requires a different kind of lawyer, we will be pleased to refer you to other counsel whom we believe are reliable and with the necessary specialization to meet your legal needs. Having someone who is familiar with the local legal community and the reputations of other attorneys can be a huge help to not further complicate a problem by hiring the wrong lawyer.

As a smaller law firm located outside the high rent, downtown area of Miami, we can offer very reasonable attorney’s fees at an hourly and total rate much reduced from the big name, and equally big bill, firms. Our costs are unadulterated and minimal. Our billings are computerized and accurate. And, we do not charge our clients extra for thinking “out of the box.”

You know your business. And we know ours. Having on your business team a strong, experienced, honest legal partner is an invaluable business tool, not to mention – in the courtroom or arbitration forum -- an indispensable shield or sword.

We pride ourselves on proportional, practical solutions, delivered by personalized professional service. Our partners each have over 25 years of legal experience. That experience serves to benefit you and your company. It is your business. And your business, and it assets, are worth legal protection. Sometimes you have no choice but to go to court and fight. You have accountants and bankers to protect your finances, security people to protect your physical plant and premises, and executives to protect the overall operation of the business. Another, and critically important, form of protection is legal protection for your company. How does your company measure up in that regard?

Take the first step today to enlist the newest member of your overall business team. Contact Henkel & Cohen, P.A.: an experienced business law firm and trusted advisor to partner with your business, located in Miami but providing legal representation throughout the State of Florida.

Make an appointment today to sit down with your Miami, Florida business lawyer and discuss all of your business needs and requirements. Call 305-971-9494 or write to Tim D. Henkel, Esq.: or Ira Cohen, Esq.:

Ira Cohen speaks spanish and is available to confer with any non-bilingual client. Hablamos Español.